Tom Hannon Franchise Consultant

Tom started his first company when he was 20 and bought his first business when he was 21. He was driven by the idea that he could create a life that he controlled. One where he could make his own decisions, create his own life/work balance, and pocket every dime he earned.

By the time he was 35, he had built, bought, and sold twelve businesses and was able to retire.

Being an entrepreneur and small business owner is in your blood. It’s insistent, something you can’t ignore and something that doesn’t go away. Tom discovered he could continue to satisfy that need by becoming a business broker. During his time as a broker, he matched small business buyers with businesses that were for sale. He diligently coached buyers on how to find the right business so they could achieve their dreams of small business ownership.

He knows that the hardest part of owning a business is getting started. Setting up a location, creating a brand that will attract customers, engaging those customers, and providing the kind of customer service that will keep them coming back, is hard, especially if you’ve never done it before. The franchisee gets all the benefits of owning their own business without the pain of trying to figure out how to get started.

This is why Tom loves the franchise model. He is excited to be a part of the FranChoice team. FranChoice has an outstanding reputation and provides extensive tools, resources and training for its consultants, making FranChoice a premier service for candidates looking to acquire a franchise.

Tom is an expert matchmaker with over 30 years of experience, and his biggest reward is finding great culture fits for candidates. One that allows you to build an independent lifestyle while pursuing your passion, whether that’s health and fitness, cars, food, kids, home, travel, vending, retail, or anything else that would make you happy. Your success is his success, and he will work tirelessly to help you achieve it.

Tom has worked with many regional and national franchises, including Homes and Land, Coastal Angler, Remax, I Sold My House, and Blockbuster Video. There are thousands of franchise opportunities, and it is his ultimate goal to help you find the one that’s right for you.

Tom is passionate about baseball history. He built a replica of Ebbet’s Field and hosts the podcast, “The Daily Rewind”, which brings back voices of the past from double day to present day. He lives on Cape Cod with his wife, Linda.

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