Can You Have It All?

Our candidates have made up their minds that they want the freedom, the success and the excitement that can come with owning their own business.  They also want to exercise prudence and reduce risk in the process of investigating opportunities so that they can have it all – not risk losing it all.  They come to us so that we can help them learn how to minimize the chance of making a mistake in selecting a business that’s right for them.

Experience Counts

Our consultants are people with many years of both general business and franchise experience – in many cases as both franchisees and franchisors.  Our consultants know franchising.  They are also familiar with hundreds of franchise companies and know how to select the really good ones from among the many that are just average or worse. We want to put our years of experience to work helping others avoid mistakes and get a positive outcome.  We have seen examples of people becoming franchisees in a system that wasn’t right for them, and we are committed to making sure that doesn’t happen to you.

Objective Advice

You can rely on the advice you receive from your consultant.  They don’t have a vested interest in having you select any particular franchise.  They don’t care who the company is as long as the opportunity matches the model you’ve designed to define what you really want.

We provide a professional and non-threatening environment in which you can plan your approach to finding a business that will be right for you.  We specialize in delivering unexpected value and support to the people we work with.  After you experience our process, you’ll understand the importance of our mission statement to us.

Tom Hannon

Tom Hannon

Franchise Consultant

If you are what we call a corporate refuge or someone who has had enough of the corporate life and would like to explore being in business for yourself through franchising, you should book a call to discuss our service. Our initial call is a short visit and a chance for you to tell me your story, we will also see if we will be a good fit to work together.

It is the first step in our 4-step process to find you the perfect franchise! Book A FREE call today to see how we can help you.