What is the purpose of the 15-minute call? Who should consider booking the call?

Suppose you are what we call a corporate refuge or someone who has had enough of corporate life and would like to explore being in business for yourself through franchising.

You should book a call to discuss our service. Our initial call is a short visit and a chance to tell me your story and see if we will be a good fit to work together.

It is the first step in our 4-step process to find you the perfect franchise!

The call is FREE. My service to help you find the perfect franchise is FREE to you. There will never be a financial obligation between you and me during this process.

If you are not sure, I understand; just remember the call is 100% Free, as is my service to you. We are just like executive recruiters who get paid by the company that is hiring you. Looking forward to talking to you!

Is this service really FREE

We are paid for providing this service, just not by you. We’re kind of like real estate agents. You know how they drive you around for days looking at houses and do all kinds of other things without you having to pay them anything? It’s because they are paid by the seller to provide the service. We’re paid by franchise companies to provide our services because we save them a huge amount of time and money trying to find franchisees that match up well with their opportunity

How many franchises do you work with

There are thousands of franchise companies out there in dozens of different industries and we can work with virtually any of them. Our company has full-time personnel who do nothing but screen these companies so we can find those with the best offerings and the best experiences for our customers.  Our process is designed to help you narrow down thousands of franchise companies to a small number that match up very closely to what you want in a business.  That’s why the first step in our process is not to talk about companies but rather to talk about what you want in a business.

How long does it take to buy a franchise
It takes about 10 to 20 hours of your time to complete a thorough investigation of each franchise opportunity/concept. This normally happens over a two to four-week time frame. Once you decide to move forward the process can take 2 - 6 months depending on many factors.
Affiliate Disclaimer

We may be compensated by the franchise company you purchase or other related business partners.

Tom is a great consultant. Because he understands what it is like to run a business, he finds it easy to relate to business owners’ problems and concerns, which enables him to best guide them in marketing their businesses for sale or identifying potential acquisitions for expansion.
Art Cormier

Franchise Owner, Home Instead Senior Care

Tom is a personable, motivated, and forward-thinking professional that always had your best interest in mind. He took our business to the next level with his energy and keen business sense. If there were ever any issues that arose he was right there to solve the problem and get us back on track. His integrity and strong work ethic were some of his best attributes.
Matt Dubuque

President, Afforable Search

Tom was an invaluable resource.

He constantly provided input to improve my business. He constantly helped me identify locations that fit my unique audience. Tom was always working to make my business the best it could be.

I highly recommend Tom Hannon to anyone, the quality you will receive is without equal.

Matt Grant